Thursday, 14 October 2010

Where art thou woman of substance!!

Heard a story yesterday that provoked a lot of thots in mind that i have been meaning to put in words but it never happens.. A guy meets a girl and within 2 weeks they have sex after that they do it every where in the club ..she invites him to her place of work and they do it there etc then they have a major argument which was that she wants him to go without protection .. In her words she wants to feel him inside of her!! Ok let's pause I was quite ok with all of the above until we got to the bit without protection?!! I had to ask if she is asking to go without protection after 2 months my thing is she must have been doing this with her previous partners... Whatevr happened to aids.. Whatever happend to stds, ..whatever happened to unwanted babies.. Cos for her to suggest that she definitely has been doin it without protection ... Which then lead to my third question if a guy sees all these signs is he thinking yeh I cn marry her ..or does he get his brains out of his balls and say men this isn't good reading and get the he'll out..

Which then leads me to my initial post I was gonna write about being a virgin

But I guess that sets the mood for the conversation although it may seem I'm saying being anything else apart from a virgin is not good reading ..: far from it.. I'm saying where are all the women of substance in our generation .. Who have got other things to bring to the table .. Like personality, finance, principles etc

Here's why u shud marry a virgin
I've been thinking lately
Marrying a virgin has its ups and downs but the the beauty of it is that the downs can be tweaked to be a positive..

Marrying a virgin means u get to build a sexual life together like from ground zero..
She will always think u do it real good cos she hasn't Tasted any better
She will experiment with u to a default..
Cos she doesn't know any better u will be the icing on the cake that she has been waiting for
You can push the boundaries cos she doesn't know any better if it hurts or not etc
In many ways she can be Whatever u want her to be cos she might have preconceived ideas that can be changed rather than static

And the list goes

On the other hand

She might be so crap in bed cos she ain't done it before and is too shy to learn
Her inhibitions might be too great that u both come to a standstill
She might want to try others partners out since she has tasted the forbidden fruit... So she might think there must be better out there
Also cos she has tasted the forbidden fruit her libido levels cud accelerate whilst u might collapse from exhaustion
Cos it's totally new to her it's like a drug she might get addicted to it

So from my few and many words I hope I have convinced you not to convince u that marrying a virgin is the way forward and wen u don't use protection be ready for the consequences...

It's ur girl barefeet!!

Friday, 8 October 2010


i had to think to myself today...for every couple that is out there ..there is always the underlying question " this might not last forever" "he/she might be cheating on me?" " we might grow apart thus leading to a divorce" all these thots are what goes thru couples heads cos nothing is ever certain ...which then leads me to my question


Got him or her in the bag meaning u def feel in ur heart of hearts that they aint gonna leave ...they aint gonna divorce u....they definitely aint cheating on u wat point in the relationship does anyone ever get that it wen ure like 90 years old in bed with the lover and waiting to die ...thats wen u know for sure they aint gonna run off with someone else..u probably then know theyre now content with u..and u cant grow apart..etc.

just one the many thots goin thru my mind ...cos all these probabilities aint healthy...but i guess it keeps us on our good behaviour and not taking our partners for granted...but hey thats my opinion..some peeps still take their partners for granted cos they know their partners aint gt a choice...but with all things  being equal ...some say that feeling is healthy cos it makes u appreciate what u have with that idea///

ur girl barefeet!