Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Honesty vs love

Honesty is my problem…

And all it takes is someone who has been lied to,
that’s the only person who would appreciate this value

Some say they want honesty

But what they actually mean is,
please tell me the truth the way I want to hear it

 some say they love, yet the one they apparently love is only living in the shadow of their past relationships

Whatever she does is constantly been compared unconsciously to their past relationships

When she speaks even with the most innocent and gratifying intentions, they can only hear their ex speaking with scorn

Whenever she acts in their best interest, all they can see is how their ex did something similar, so the one they are with must be up to no good too

Most importantly whenever she is honest, all they can hear are lies.

Why? That’s all he is used to.

You can be honest all you want, but he will never appreciate that trait

To him that’s a weird trait, so he will gladly put you through pain and hurt to mould you into what he knows best.

Lies, deceit and split personalities.

So this begs the question

In the name of love, do you mould yourself into what he wants you to be, to remain in marriage

Or do you stay true to yourself and be divorced?

Too heavy a question to ask

A lot is at stake

Typically we would want to involve some supernatural happenings in such matters

But surely, we have been given the free will, to choose?



In the words of the Jesus

Father forgive him, for he knows not what he is doing

Tuesday, 8 October 2013


I want to fill your tongue stroking my nipples
Your fingers kindling my g-spot
Urging me to a higher state of ecstasy

The taste of your lips, massages my Naples.
Taking me to the peak, where my legs tremble
With each dabble of your love handle
Paddling along the stage where my lover is the host, play Wright and poet

Working in sync, and steady like each verse
Each verse filled with greed and grunts, ever so blunt that the rivers of his love will never quench
Each stroke, trace and note releases a gorging release of endorphins
Endorphins, like a pill I’m addicted and cannot be filled.

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Christian me/atheist me

yes i know ...its been ages....but the main reason i havent been on here in ages is because the version of blogger on mobile doesnt let me view all your posts. it just allows me to post on my blog the end. Considering that the only time i ever have to write is on the train,..,well there goes my intentions to blog. i missed u all by the way

So back to the title....sometimes i wonder if i wasnt a christian ...what id get up to...the list of things id want to try is quite exhaustive...that some of the things id want to try i cant write on here,..just for fear that it might be seen someday and then peeps will be like....gosh she was a weirdo who was under cover as a christian...if not for christianity she would have committed such atrocities ill name a few...and based on the responses...i might just add some here goes

1 - i will give an eye for an eye....some people have done me wrong...and I've had to leave revenge to the lord, i have had to forgive even when i wanted to hurt them back ,, so they know just how it feels ...

2 - i would steal --- u know that feeling when u walk into a store and see handbags that are like £1000 and u cant afford it...well i would steal it, if i weren't a christian

3 - i would expose some secrets that u know about some people that call themselves men of God...but because im a christian u pray for grace for them...and u aren't suppose to throw the first u let the sleeping dogs lie...and let God punish them an atheist...i will ensure they get a punishments for living a lie, and being bold about it under the name of God forgives....

4- i would-a had sex with any guy i found attractive before marriage,,,as a christian i kept my virginity for my husband ,,,but sometimes u cant help but think....what does it feel like to be a prostitute....and getting shagged whenever u had the urge.,,

5- i would get drunk

6 -  id have a tatoo

7-  id play the lottery

8- id smoke weed


and the list carries on...into more dodgy stuff that id rather not mention...for fear of this becoming public...but hey share yours and we'd all get a clearer picture of what our world would be like without

Its ur girl