Sunday, 25 March 2012

The will to carry on is what I'm lacking
The assurance and promise that it won't happen again
For the fear to be taken
Away that what
I seek
The person that was my rock is now the spear that pierces my heart
The splinter taking away the glitter that I once had
I wish to love u the way I did amidst my hurt
But I fear u know that I will do just that
U know uve hurt me and are sure that I'll forgive u that's part of my hurt
U know uve hurt me but sure that my anger won't last for long
Even with my scars I carry along
Hoping that one day u will realise u hurt  me so
Be empathetic to the degree of hurt caused not less
Seek to mend With more passion than it took to hit me
Gain my trust again 
With the fear and trembling that u might loose it 
This is what I ask and I don't think u see it this way
As the hand landed on my face
My trust was thrashed
My love was thrashed
My admiration for u trashed 
And the fact that u think an apology will fix this trashes the little bit of hope that I have left 

I lay here and pray the lord to work on me cos I am empty