Monday, 7 February 2011

what happens after the sex?

my Darling bloggers happy new year and merry xmas and the whole lot...its ur girl barefeet im back and ready to do what i do best promised heres one of the many thots that crossed my mind during the long break enjoy...

Many a times I've had to ask wow there's such a hype before the sex... Thots running back and forth perfumes sprayed destroying the ozone layer .... Hair flushed and thrown down the bin in preparation

Nails cut and trimmed and even added for enhancement ( don't ask me for what)

Mercury /foundation/ charcoal .. On the face

Ororo all over lips and skin all given fancy names...

For the men preparation to make the muscles appear larger and stay longer... ( don't ask me where)

Sometimes tablets taken sef to boost confidence... Self easteem or even to dull u so u appear larger than life and are so out of ur face u don't remember the incident... And I wonder nawaooo so much fuss and preparation for that moment of ahhh ( that could be baritone or high pitched depends what u sound like at the moment lol)
Apparently some hit notes like Maria Carey whilst on the other end some sound like Barry White at the moment... Lol

But hey let's fast forward a bit to the bit after... What happens after the sex?

Chai I'm shattered gotta put on a brave face

What time is the next game of football on

Oh yeh I have to call my mate. Back to arrange our nite out

Keep focused she's expecting u to say some line like brad Pitt would in the movies??

sleep dey catch me I gotta keep awake

She best know I'm the ish... Damn I got her screaming or on the other end... She didnt even mutter a word

Best brace myself Just in case there's a second half

Damn she felt like a goalpost

Damn she is really a virgin

Hope the condom didn't break

I ain't coming here again

I'll definitely be back damn she was good

And the list is limited!!

Please say something romantic

Please kiss my forehead and tell me that was beautiful if u can't say I love u at the least

Cuddle up next to me and hold me tight making me feel like I matter

Don't just turn on ur side and act like I didn't just give myself to u

Does he love me or is this just a momentary thing

Damn he was good I'm beginning to fall in love with him

Will he still marry me now that I've given him my body?

Oh God please forgive me for sinning

Oh he was soo crap sex is soo overrated

I hope I don't get pregnant as soon as im showering im taking the pills

what kind of style was that does he think I'm a prostitute?

Na here I go die he was worth the trade off

And the list is truly endless lol

its ur girl barefeet!

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

ok bloggers i have a confession

sorry i havent been on here replied the comments and all..been having exams  and too much jists for u in to the point that i have mini typed all the topics i want to talk about on my bear with me..ill be back on the road and train journeys to uni and back next monday ...(as thats the only time i update my blog) and until then i hope this blogger awards thing is still goin on so i can nominate the nominators...if that makes sense caio love ya