Thursday, 16 December 2010

The exchange

So whilst i sat at home on this faithful day I had to think myself what if we exchanged genitals.., u read that right yes i said it ... Me as a lady having a mans genitals and the man having mine..
The whole thot came to me as I thot to myself how would it feel to have excess meat hanging between my legs... Wen I stand I need to readjust to make sure it dangles right cos apparently they do get tied in a knot often and it hurts like bad...

Ps I'm speaking from a perspective of having a broda and husband ... So having watched them my life I have often free me lol
How it'll feel to lift ur package into ur pants or boxers evrymorning
Compared to the flatpack that women have
How it'll feel to wake up with a hard on in the morning and not necessarily being horny.. Apparently wen they sleep blood rushes there.. Thus the reason for the hard on!!
To have a wetdream and not being able go hide it... Cos u'll wake up all wet.. Whilst the woman can have a wet dream and she can deny it wen she wakes cos its hidden
To have ur balls disappear into ur sockets and u have to stand up and physically do the "ball dance to get it out """ apparently chinese fighters hide their balls inside the sockets when they're about to fight so they don't get destroyed by the opponent lol
To have it sag so badly in oldage and the probabilities that ur balls will grow longer than ur penis... This is measured whilst standing up lol
Having a lady grind on u and u might just get a hard on and can't hide it.. But no matter how turned a woman is u can't see it ... Well maybe her eyes will give her away.. But surely that's easier
Having to work hard to ensure u appear bigger or longer than the guy next to u in the cubicle... While peeing.. For the ladies there's nothing to measure apart from the boobs
This is Many more are the thots that fill me mind when I think to myself... " what if barefeet had a mans genitals how would it feel" and I've come to the conclusion.. It would be fun for a day but surely not permanently ... I love the subtlety and discreet nature of my genitals i can wear tight jeans without the feat that it will hurt mr John Thomas lol...
For the record I've only physically seen 3 male genitals in my lifetime so I'm not talking from a perspective of one who has experienced or being around a lot of male genitals so pardon my misconceptions... But from a perspective of one who is being fed by the media about the male physique...
In the lines of JJC's song africa-AWOOO!! I say
It's ur girl barefeet!

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