Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Sugar-husband compulsive disorder (SCD)

Sugar-husband compulsive disorder (SCD)
This I had to write cos i think and know now that the way I define love isn't the way u define love... Wen I describe my relationship it might not be ur ideal relationship

I've come from a place where I had my checklist as to whom I could marry or date
As I grew older many things off that list came off
This then leads me to the story of my SCD"

many men before him had proposed a relationship to me the oldest being 33 and I cursed the living day light out of them ... Saying they were too old .. Sugar daddies ... God forbid... And I was soo into that omarion and lil bow wow look young and pretty boys... I had at Least 3 of them over 30's on my case and one that was 29 which I really made his life a living hell ...the guy beg so tey and I just won't have it.. To the point that he would call and sing to me on the fone soundin like a frog .... I guess what pissed me off was the fact that the first day that he saw me he said my parents will be soo happy to meet me... And im like "wrong" u dnt say that to a girl on the first date except she is 39 and desperately seeking...

Well then my SCD"

I was 19 he was 31
He was 6 foot
I am 5:6"
He was more than a gentleman
He swagger was on point
Well built
Very well spoken
Two left legged (dancing wise of course lol )
And more importantly he was a man
He smelt good
Felt good (when we hugged lol )
Broke me down real good
All my inhibitions about old men out the window
I had a thing for younger guys
But old men always found me attractive cos I acted older than most girls my age
Young guys cudnt stand me Cos they knew I cud read them like a book which had a title
"searching for sex "

So I found that my SCD became my young guy
My perfect gentleman
We played tennis
We had our playfights and wrestled each other
We wined and dined
And i saw him for he who he is
And who he was gonna be
My one and only sugar husband

What happens afterwards when we get hitched is a story for another day... The story of

Small- hoochies compulsive disorder (SCD)


Sugar husband compulsive disorder (SCD )

The thing is i call it a disorder cos if my 19 year old said to me she found a 31 year old boyfriend automatically the alarm bells of paedophile will start ringing and ur parental security checks will be doubled ... So I call it a disorder as society sees it as one... Guess its become more acceptable Now but u can still
Hear the snigger... (na one sugar daddy she go find marry ,,,i no know why she dey rush into marriage?!!)

But like they say orderly mess
And it's a lovely compulsion of which I'm joyfully addicted to him

to be continued letting u know the positives and negatives of being married to my scd and vice versa...

Its ur girl barefeet!