Monday, 26 December 2011

Back to basics

Wow it's been more than a minute I've been on here ... Missed u guys if u haven't missed me... So much has happened and I'm glad to say mostly positive stuff ...

We got our first home
Just had a baby boy in nov
Marriage getting better ( although we just argued lol)
I finally feel like im gettin my groove together in life... I pray it stays that way
Graduated so say hello to the latest lawyer in town
There's me thinking I'd go for my grad but was short on cash so cudnt hire a gown so had to walk on stage with my usual clothes almost like the walk of Shame mixed with the walk of appreciation that u finally finished the journey... Ps graduated from London metropolitan university worst UNi ever!!

And then the walk of Shame was compounded with the fact that I got a third class degree only to open the brochure that was handed out to everyone graduating and it had all our names and the award given to u... I was like yepaa... Ud think u can hide but ur NAme is published and available for all to see!!
Moving onnnnn...

One thing on my mind tho is this consistent argument that I and the hubby keep having that never goes away... Somehow when he questions me about the finances in the house it's all gravy we check the bank statements etc... But when the roles are reversed and I question the finances on his part it always leads to an argument where he says I'm making him feel like he keeps overspending ... Just makes me think as a man he just doesn't want to be questioned ESP regarding the finances... And then he blames it on the way I phrase my sentences that's what gets him angry all the time... And I soo know Its more than that..I think
It's to do
With the fact that a man doesn't want to be accountable to a woman ESP when it comes to finances... The pride thing always gets in the way of him coming to his wife saying he needs money etc and it definitely is worse if he comes to her for money and she says there's none ... But the question is for us women we don't have a problem with asking them for money etc or giving an account of how the money was spent but when the roles are reversed its a problem ... Now I see why most couples have seperate accounts that's way the man doesn't keep watch of how much is spent on shoes and the woman does not keep watch of how much Is spent on whatever men spend money on ... Oh well I'd survive...

It's been good catching up with u my dear blogglets!!

It's ur girl barefeet merry Xmas btw!!