Friday, 1 July 2011

The Myne Whitman writes effect!!

Twas my birthday, he took me to see the lion king at the theatre
It was vibrant, full of colors; the singing by the lioness was beautiful
Simba had the peckable pecks and torso
Woulda loved to say kissable but I have to remember im married
The acting, the smell of laughter
The feel of your loved one next to you
Celebrating your marital years together in turmoil and love in its true essence

The sound of resounding laughter and reminiscent music
From your childhood years…memories
As we sang all together “can you feel the love tonite…”
And then samba swoops the lioness up in utter joy

You will be able to read between the lines and know that as a naija kid I never got to remember the lioness’ name …all thanks to nepa (electrical supplier back then in Nigeria)

After that he whisked me away to reading into the woods for the weekend away…spending two nights in the hotel ..doing nothing but talking, swimming and laughing…little twitches in the electrical current and getting on each others nerves but we can blame that on the fact that we never see much of each other…

Then on this bright and sunny day we woke up listened to the sermon from our church online, it was pastor Adeboye and as we listened we thought we go for floats and goggles for the lil one so he can join us swimming, so we headed to the town centre….we had icecream and there was the chirp of the birds in the tree…laughing and holding hands together and then there was music coming from the street nearby,

As we got closer I had a flash back of Myne Whitmans’ road trip in which she said she got scooped up by Atala and all that jazz and then they danced and shared a kiss…yeh yeh yeh yes this is it …

I grabbed his hand and spun round with a smile saying cmon lets dance grabbing his waist and he whispered “ I REALLY DON’T FANCY THIS, DEFINITELY NOT DANCING, WE’LL DO IT LATER” and there I was with the look of surprise, disgust, shame, yepa look, see isho look, I sooo knew u will not be feeling spontaneous look, and then I said to him what’s wrong with a bit of fun, just let your hair down and be spontaneous… he replies yeh I wish I could maybe later..

And that’s how the butterflies and the music in my head ended…you know when ure buzzing with so much love and appreciation for love and what it gives especially when we been going thru a tough time. and you’re finally glad that things are getting better and u have a song in your head …well that was the silent moment where I lost the rhythm and I wished the ground will swallow me etc…

Which then brings me to the closing point if only we all had partners that see love the way we see it..if only we can all have a love rekindled the way Myne describes, if only we have had our heart mended after a moment of yepa here and there,,,but unfortunately my heart has not been mended I will be sure not to try any publicity stunts all in the name that aww Myne did it…and I will be sure to leave those ideas of Myne to her lovely Atala and her novels,, and just keep praying that my love and boldness to try it again will be rekindled…big shout out to Atala and Myne,, im sure u never knew the havoc your lovely tales can cause lol..i love u anyways…

Its your girl Barefeet x

Myne’s blog if you never read her blog is (by the way Myne just realised your link reads "" some subliminal site u have there ei? or are you trying to tell us something? lol)