Thursday, 19 August 2010

Player na prostitute!!

Player na prostitute!!

Ok my wonderful peeps here goes tale number two…its about a real life story and the guy in question here is called bros Kay. When bros kay said to us he has found a wife and wants to get married we all felt sorry for him. Kay is someone who always got cheated on and never had a long relationship. Why? Me I don’t know, he was always shy to start with and somewhat cheesy with his jokes. Etc never got to hear from the girls tho why they left, literally he always came to me to ask for pick up lines and how to approach a girl and how to dance etc…so I guess u get the picture?

So na so bros kay mention marriage and we were all happy…then we met the girl and we were like rite na this kain girl go chase all the inlaws commot even before the marriage if Kay did something wrong she will come and report immediately etc…she was one of those peeps u would call omo ita translates in English as street girl,,,she was loud and kay was one who looked like he would cower at the sound of her voice,,so the main jist comes where before the marriage Kay happened to be spending more time at a girls place called Miss M…and he would always say they are only friends…

Ill give u a run of the events and u can tell me if it sounds like cheating…

Pre wedding events
Kay is usually given money to spend on his sisters kids on Saturdays to take them to amusement parks etc and guess what he does with the money he goes to pick up Miss m’s kids and takes them along to the amusement park, lest I forget to say Miss m is married but her husband is in America. So in this instance he was acting like daddy taking her kids out etc

The second event was when his sisters boyfriend came to visit…the boyfriend asks for Bros kay and calls Kay ,,,Kay says he is at mile 2…he’d be home in an hour….the sis boyfriend waits for 4 hours calls Kay again and tells Kay don’t worry about coming over ill come and meet you at mile 2. Kay says okay come over, the sis boyfriend goes to meet him at Mile 2 and guess what he is sat at the hair salon with Miss m whilst she gets her hair done. The sis boyfriend had to leave him there as he was obviously busy.

Post wedding events
After the wedding the bride is obviously still harbouring anger regarding this miss m issue ,,,so she says to bros Kay please on ur way out can u please drop me off at the hair dressers as it is along the way….and bros Kay is adamant saying that he cant drop her off …the conversation goes like this

Bros Kay; I cant drop you off

Bride; why it is on ur way she says in a high pitched voice

Bros Kay; I just cant

Bride; is it because u are planning to stop by at Mary’s and u don’t want me to know

Bros kay; yes …wat is ur business if I want to stop by

Bride; ure not going out today if u don’t drop me off

Na so drama start …after much crying and shouting Kay then says to the bride ok ill drop u off but just give me an hour…the bride agreed…only for Kay to return with Miss m in the car seating in the passenger seat..the bride then comes downstairs and walks over to the passenger side….hold it there has got to be a pause here lol if na naija movie this would be a great gen gen moment…u know wen u hear the drum roll etc…

Lets get bk to the story…the bride walks over to the passenger side sees miss m …miss m just looks past her and remains in the seat,,,the bride then walks over to the driver seat and then asks Bros Kay ….please can u tell miss m to move over to the back seat so I can sit down…then bros kay without arguing asks Miss m and she moves over to the back seat and then they head off to their respective destinations….at the moment the bride is tired and says if she knew this is what Bros Kay had to offer she wont have married him…

And im like before una marry u knew about miss m and thot u cud probably change the situation….so in order words u knew the problem before the marriage and didn’t fix it somehow she thot the label of marriage wud transform to a miracle …

This then leads me to a convo I was having earlier “ when a woman sleeps with a lot of men she is called a prostitute but when a man does the same he is given a fancy name he is called a player…” dog na dog …prostitute na prostitute …albeit man or woman…!!

So based on my findings he is cheating under the safe label of “she is a friend” and then comes to rub it in the wifey’s nose…men I for don pour hot water for her body as she balance inside my husbands car mscheww …let me know what u think ,,,is he cheating or not,,,, and is a man a player or prostitute when he sleeps with many women etc

Its ur girl barefeet!

Tuesday, 17 August 2010


This is to a woman I never got a chance to know u
Its amazing that I know so much about you from what people have said
But somehow deep in my heart I feel they are all wrong
U had me at a tender age somehow ive followed in ur foot steps and had my baby early
My dad never got to speak about u, but he was a lawyer before he passed on this year
And I ended up studying law without even knowing I was following in his foot steps

Where do all these things lead me to ….it makes me believe u were just like me
Out to please noone but God
U probably worked as hard as I did, and played and laffed real hard …
Ur life was short, pray mine is longer
U had huge ears like I do, and full lips like I do,,,

Mum the only memory I have of u is when I was taken to the cemetery and I was asked to leave flowers, I never had a clue what I was doing then as noone told me u were my mum then, but hey they cant beat my memory and the genes that made me shiver on that sunny day in naija…I just knew I had a connection to the person I was paying my respects to….later on I found out u were the one, and im sad cos I cant remember the address of the cemetery, I just know its in CMS lagos. Was too young to remember but with every step ive taken I always wish I was confident u were with me,, hubby tells me youre smiling down at me, I wish I can believe him , cos I believed my dad wanted to be part of my life so badly until he proved me wrong, so unfortunately I cant vouch for u that u wanted me to be a part of ur life as well. But like they say a mothers love is different, I always felt my dad was a distance away but somehow I can say I don’t feel the same about u…theres some surety and certainty that ure even closer

I utter a plea, and prayer tonite, I pray to God I find you in heaven and we can have a family reunion maybe with dad but im not sure if im really bothered if he’s in heaven and theres me thinking I have forgiven him…I say I have but my previous statement tells me otherwise…oh well,,, I pray before I die that I get to know u better don’t know how but I cant trust the uncertainty on the other side that we might be in the same place, or where we might end up…

One thing I must say tho thanks for bringin me to this world ive not appreciated my life in many ways,,,as ive always thot death was safer and that way no one is commiting sins and gambling to get to heaven …with death its certain where one is goin..its not about ow u live ur life etc…but hey lost too many peeps in my life that has changed my view of life, eat hard pray hard laff hard and love hard..

Mum I love u..even if I never knew u
Miss u badly that I still cry myself to sleep but then I think if u were alive u wont have let me get married that early ,.cos of ur experience u wuda thot its bad for me, but thank God im doing fine..

Wish I got to know u….and cant wait to see u, all my love

Ur baby girl oluwatee(that the closest yall are goin to know about my tru name lol)
Olayide – born 17/08/1966 died – not sure dem no gree tell me ;(

Monday, 16 August 2010


p.s youll need to read previous posts to understand the jist in this post

My people nawaoo na so una fashi my side…anywhoooo ow yall been doin theres
So much to jist about and when I think of the time and energy it would take to type it out I get tired lol…anywhoo movin on ill give yall some feedback about the happenings in the life of barefeet

As per the husband saga so far so good there has not been any more domestic violence and the last time It happened shall be the first and last time in Jesus name. Regarding my dad men if you guys can remember I called the lady that was apparently my sister and she is still yet to call me back so im thinking whats her excuse she lost my number or she got back from naija and forgot that I called, need your advice bloggers what should I do personally cant be bothered to call her again
Men I get many poems wey dey flow for my head…regarding love, the ups and downs of it…theres so much happening at the moment that I def know im rambling in this post. Ok ill give everythin a header and as the day goes by ill fill u guys in

Mums birthday tomorrow

Promiscuity before and after the wedding (so why bother getting married in the first place)

Sid b and how another womans husband is apparently her long lost soul mate so against all her xtian principles she is willing to tear the marriage apart so she can get her soul mate bk

The sexual diaries of a virgin

Love cant fit into a box talkless of stereotype some love and even marry their brother ex and it works..?!

Uni life and how God won the battle

The kofoworola saga they see xtian but apparently them say he must come baptise inside their water for church…there I was thinking xtianity is all the same now there are subdivisions


So now yall can see there is loads to talk about and if I wrote it here ill be rambling so in order of occurrence my first post will be about tomorrow my mums birthday then after that ill write as I see it fit or may be a vote as to which jist from the above my bloggers want to hear first then ill post them accordingly.

CIAO ur girl barefeet
missed everyone wow its been long