Wednesday, 17 November 2010

RE; Diaries of a virgin


You rocked me from the onset - Could I look at you with bravery?
I shivered and shuffled until my luck ran out - EAT Mr...!
How long do you fool a longing heart?
I dashed to the loo one final time; stared at myself .

Saw the look of a desperate cub wanting to live in warmth and also roar in delight.
Is she the one I asked again? The mirror said yes..! My face smiled at me and I saw the grin.
The grin .... the grin.....

Zooming four yrs ahead in my Time capsule, I still marvel.
No one could have made me happier - she is certainly a God send.
Who else do I thank but my Alpha and Omega.

She planted a kiss on me - the first, the best, the unexpected, the timing, the longing
It happened so sudden i loved every minute of it - how dangerous we live i thought.
I marvelled at the thought of a new quest - the quest to love to the abyss of passion.
From the mantle himself...

Monday, 15 November 2010

Diaries of a virgin

The Diaries of a virgin

The thump of my heart reminds me his my first
The way he holds me feels exhilarating even if he is a novice
Watever he does feels like heaven cos I don't know any better
My paraphrase is if I'm happy where I am why go anywhere else
I came he came and exhaustion fills the air

I celebrate my naivety
cos for all I know what I call ejaculation might just be childsplay
There might be better out there
but the height of which I have shared with him seems the pinnacle
and I'm sure I will push to know further
But only with my beloved

I came into this new found truth of sex
Thinking it's all about the pounding the shuffling the fondling
and then proving to him wat a freaky virgin I can be
I've come away from 2 years of sex concluding it's all about
The sweet nothings
The banter
The playfight that leads to amazing love making

Sleeping at the middle of the night with our smelly breath
only to feel a wave of passion seeking my response
I've come away knowing it's not about the act but the serenading and worship of my beloved
I've come away knowing theres absolute bliss in the innocence of a virgin
No comparing partners saying ur ex was better than ur present partner

Just the bliss that ure doing wat u can
and glorying in the fact that ur partner thinks ure the best
Not walking away thinking did I do it better than the ex

His hands fiddle my nipples
Setting alight a wave of excitement
How do I open my legs to ensure
They still look pretty and not desperate for him
How do I Moan so I don't sound like a ho!

Oh no he traces our love down at my garden ruffling the leaves
in search for the fruit that had been locked away for 20 years
He finds it but hesitates to blow upon it
inhaling the scent Which arouses our senses
I wish to return the favour but HOW?!!
I had to spill in a moment of utter silence and promised secrecy
"I've never done this before so please let me know when it's going wrong"
He tries to hold a straight face, but I could see the disbelief in his eyes
Yet the admiration for the honesty
I could also see the excitement that he can tell me just the way he wants it
as i have no idea whats wrong or right

I start at the top of the mantle
Caressing he embodiment of what I have been waiting all my life
And then a shiver consumes me
At the thot of handling the package when it is goin to be delivered?!!
I kissed it trying to avoid any gnashing of teeth
as I know that much that it isn't a pleasant experience for him
I end up using my palms more than my lips for fear of choking
then he steps in taking my Hands off and encouraging my mouth to open
Then we flip the page and just like that

In a moment of hurried passion I saw he was excited as this was more than a bulge
Sliding between my legs in precise definition perhaps 'HD'
He hands the mantle to me but is stopped by the close and tightness of the unlocked garden
A bit more foreplay and for another 30 mins it's seemed like summer was farfetched

Finally to avoid the hurt and bleeding
He strokes with his fingers
and easing into the garden with his fingers

Then he forwards the mantle once more
and on his side there a moan of pleasure
And on my side there utter horror and excitement
(not sure if horror and excitement can be in the same sentence )

There was a breakthrough after another hour of trying to deliver the package all the way I burst in tears trembling ... And utter relief that no one else wuda been worth it...
He's worried but I assure him it's a good thing I'm crying ...there goes my innocence there goes my whole self there goes that moment that i wud forever cherish and above all heres comes my first baby ....!!

its ur girl barefeet!