Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Honesty vs love

Honesty is my problem…

And all it takes is someone who has been lied to,
that’s the only person who would appreciate this value

Some say they want honesty

But what they actually mean is,
please tell me the truth the way I want to hear it

 some say they love, yet the one they apparently love is only living in the shadow of their past relationships

Whatever she does is constantly been compared unconsciously to their past relationships

When she speaks even with the most innocent and gratifying intentions, they can only hear their ex speaking with scorn

Whenever she acts in their best interest, all they can see is how their ex did something similar, so the one they are with must be up to no good too

Most importantly whenever she is honest, all they can hear are lies.

Why? That’s all he is used to.

You can be honest all you want, but he will never appreciate that trait

To him that’s a weird trait, so he will gladly put you through pain and hurt to mould you into what he knows best.

Lies, deceit and split personalities.

So this begs the question

In the name of love, do you mould yourself into what he wants you to be, to remain in marriage

Or do you stay true to yourself and be divorced?

Too heavy a question to ask

A lot is at stake

Typically we would want to involve some supernatural happenings in such matters

But surely, we have been given the free will, to choose?



In the words of the Jesus

Father forgive him, for he knows not what he is doing


D truth Uncensored said...

Who is married here? You or someone close to you? It is sad though when you come all out being honest and the other party still finds it hard to trust your honesty. Whatever the case, stay honest and pray about it even though it might hurt. In the end, the other party will come around if God wills.

Barefeet said...

Hi thanks for dropping a comment just tried adding you to my blog list and it says its by invitation only...please grant me permission thanks